Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.– Buddhist proverb Every child needs to be safe and feel the abundance in life. As a surgeon, it is my responsibility to take care of my patients. A young girl was referred to me for surgical evaluation and management. She went through lots of sufferings that it kept meContinue reading “A YOUNG GIRL’S ORDEAL”

Online Learning for my daughter

Education has never been this disrupted, until the virus came. We now live in a world of virtual education. With this, comes a different tasks. It can be a mini- task, pre- activity, post- activity, or even a video presentation. This is how my daughter will gain education for years to come. With the socialContinue reading “Online Learning for my daughter”

Covid-19: The Reality Of Global Awakening

Globalization knows no boundaries. Same is true for a global pandemic. With the rapid increase in the number of cases, the situation can only get worse. Six months ago, we reached the first 100,000 cases in 60 days. Now, it took us only 4 days to reach the same number. We use to think thatContinue reading “Covid-19: The Reality Of Global Awakening”

Underground River: An Out of this World Experience

My heart is pounding..not knowing what’s inside. The fear of the unknown. Yesterday, my parents went to visit us in Palawan. What’s the best thing to do in the Island better known as the “Last Frontier”? So, I decided to bring them to the underground river. And it was the right decision, my parents lovedContinue reading “Underground River: An Out of this World Experience”