What is Life?

What is life? This question came from my 9-year old daughter. At first, I was taken aback. I don’t know what to say neither do I know how to answer it.

At nine, she already thinks like an adult. Is it due to the effects of social media that at this early age she has a gasped of the questions that even adults find difficult to answer.

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I tried answering to the best of my ability. “Life is about living the moment”, I said. Whether it was or wasn’t the right answer. I honestly don’t know. Was she satisfied with my answer?

Why do you ask such question?”, I asked. She replied ,”IDK” which stands for “I Don’t Know”. The usual answer that I get.

It is hard when your own daughter got questions that you can’t answer. I feel that she thinks maturely for her age. So, they really grow so fast, not only physically but intellectually.

From that moment on, I felt that I need to be more than just a provider but instead be a father who would guide and support her as she collectively encounter questions as she grows.

Furthermore, the technology and social media exposure at an early age makes her curious about life, most probably the whole world we live in. It is good to be curious but it should be guided by the right wisdom. As the saying goes, ” Curiosity killed the cat”.

That simple question about life makes me realize that there is more to life than just getting through. There’s more to it than just financial reward or accolades.

What is life? It is for us to answer as we live ours….


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