Who Am I?

I am a practicing general surgeon in Southern Palawan, Philippines. Why surgery? Well, when I was young I admire doctors in their white coat. I was amazed by the skills of surgeons during life-saving procedure. No, I don’t enjoy seeing nor being spatted with blood in my face.

I graduated from surgical training in Philippine General Hospital last 2007. After graduation, I started my practice in Cavite for about 3 years before deciding to try our luck overseas. I was a urology medical officer for 4 years in Singapore. Subsequently, I spent 2 years as medical affairs manager for a pharmaceutical company before deciding to return back to my home country.

Back in my premed days, I was the editor-in-chief of Purple Gazette from my Alma Mater. I was fortunate enough to have our English Adviser as my mentor. Through the years, the writer in me never has the chance to reach its full potential. I doubted my capability, I’m no good. Others are better. With the advent of the internet, each and every voice can now be heard. It’s just a matter of time and hard work. Learning to blog is no easy task. But it’s worth a try.

During my residency, I never had the chance to enhance my writing. I like to express my thoughts in words. Words are powerful in conveying a specific message. Hence, I am venturing into blogging to hasten my skills and eventually be able to reach more audience. And eventually, find my voice.

Published by chubby_pen

A lifetime learner who believes in innovation and technology as the future of business. "Cherish the moment, but never let go of your dreams for the future".

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