The Author

Surgery is a team effort.

Hi, I’m Jay. I conceived this blog out of curiosity. I want to explore the blogosphere. As a practicing surgeon, I find blogging as a way of relieving the stress out of me. The operating room is a stressful area, not to mention the high adrenaline rush in every trauma case.

During my childhood, I’m always amazed by the people in white coats. The authority and respect that they get from the grateful patients that they have treated and healed. Surgery has always been my passion. I remember when I was young, my parents bought me a heart diagram toy that illustrates the cardiac circulation.

At an early age, I know I want to be a surgeon, not a cardiothoracic surgeon, but as a general surgeon. For which I’m really grateful, since practicing in the province test your resourcefulness and creativity in handling different cases. I even need to learn cesarean section just to be able to help the community.

I love to express my thoughts in a way that communicates with the outside world. A feeling of being alive, cherishing every moment with my family.

That’s it. And let’s start blogging!