Covid-19: The Reality Of Global Awakening

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Globalization knows no boundaries. Same is true for a global pandemic.

With the rapid increase in the number of cases, the situation can only get worse. Six months ago, we reached the first 100,000 cases in 60 days. Now, it took us only 4 days to reach the same number.

We use to think that we only see this type of viral pandemic in science fiction novel. But now, it is real. The new normal that we need to face. An awakening in giving importance to personal hygiene and taking infectious disease seriously.

This is a global problem. We need a global solution. It’s not the time for blaming. We need to fight Covid-19, together.

It will get worse before it gets any better.

Social distancing and movement restriction are defensive moves. It is not sustainable. We need strategies and tactics to tackle the problem head on.

Frontliners, especially doctors, are dying. Our fallen comrades are modern day heroes.

We are fighting for our survival. Our future depends on what we do now.

Let’s work together. Let’s fight together for a common goal.

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