Online Learning for my daughter

Education has never been this disrupted, until the virus came.

We now live in a world of virtual education. With this, comes a different tasks. It can be a mini- task, pre- activity, post- activity, or even a video presentation.

This is how my daughter will gain education for years to come. With the social interactions with her classmates and teachers. She would have her virtual exchange gift this holiday season. An online Christmas celebration. She would have virtual birthday via video conference. And not to mention the yearly, virtual graduation for stepping up to the next level of her education.

Indeed every has been transformed into a virtual environment.

I just hope that she would continue to enjoy social interaction to develop her relationship skills especially with her friends. So, whenever she has the oppotunity to do so, we just let her go.

Recently, with the easing of restriction for children going outside the house. She visited her best friend in our community. Good thing her friend is just living within the same subdivision where we are. It is the first time that we allow her to leave the house on her own. I was a bit anxious frankly speaking to let her go but I know that sooner or later she needs to be independent.

After about 2 hours. She returned home. With her best friend and brother accompanying her. The simple gesture warms my heart. It is a way of saying , thank you for visiting us.

Let’s not forget that we , as human beings need social interaction. We are social beings who hunger for relationship, care, and love. Today’s technology may change the way we do things, but we should keep caring for others. Because that would make this perfectly imperfect world a better place for all.

Published by chubby_pen

A lifetime learner who believes in innovation and technology as the future of business. "Cherish the moment, but never let go of your dreams for the future".

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