Covid-19: The Reality Of Global Awakening

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Globalization knows no boundaries. Same is true for a global pandemic.

With the rapid increase in the number of cases, the situation can only get worse. Six months ago, we reached the first 100,000 cases in 60 days. Now, it took us only 4 days to reach the same number.

We use to think that we only see this type of viral pandemic in science fiction novel. But now, it is real. The new normal that we need to face. An awakening in giving importance to personal hygiene and taking infectious disease seriously.

This is a global problem. We need a global solution. It’s not the time for blaming. We need to fight Covid-19, together.

It will get worse before it gets any better.

Social distancing and movement restriction are defensive moves. It is not sustainable. We need strategies and tactics to tackle the problem head on.

Frontliners, especially doctors, are dying. Our fallen comrades are modern day heroes.

We are fighting for our survival. Our future depends on what we do now.

Let’s work together. Let’s fight together for a common goal.

Underground River: An Out of this World Experience

My heart is pounding..not knowing what’s inside. The fear of the unknown.

Yesterday, my parents went to visit us in Palawan. What’s the best thing to do in the Island better known as the “Last Frontier”? So, I decided to bring them to the underground river. And it was the right decision, my parents loved the experience inside this dark majestic underground river. It was a sight that filled everyone in awe.

Truly, a magical out of this world experience that my parents, including myself, to treasure for years to come.

The Stupid Me

A few weeks ago, I had an argument with my wife. I was so upset that I got so furious that I punched the wall. Guess what happened? Yeah, you are damn right. I hurt my knuckles. At that moment of emotional outburst, I wasn’t thinking. Purely emotional anger overwhelmed me.

After the incident, I went into the car, not to drive around but to pause for awhile. Meditate on what just happened, and why? It could have been at lot worst. I could have injured my operating hand which could have ended my surgical career. Or worst, I could have hurt my loved ones.

Emotions are powerful. It is hard to control because it controls us. It could bring out the worst in us. The monsters in us that awaits awakening. What is so frightening is that we could regret, most of it, all the time. An emotional outburst that obscure our logical thinking. It could bring out the worst in us. Once you hurt yourself or your family, it can never be undone. No amount of regret will removed the scar that it would left behind. It can heal. But the mark will always be fresh from your memory. Learning how to control emotional outburst is a skill that I need to learn.

As surgeons, it not only the art and science of medicine that we need to master. But the ability to control our emotions under pressure. I have witnessed in monster in me. Trust me, it wasn’t pretty. I hope and pray that I would never go into berserk mode again. I am sure that I would regret the words that I would say and things that I would do.

It was a stupid mistake. But the scar in my right knuckle will always be there. A constant reminder of the monster in me.

Now, I am trying to do breathing exercise to relax and clear my mind even before opening my mouth. I hope that you learn how to control your emotional anger especially when you are in argument with your loved ones. It is the words that we say and things we do that hurts them most. It’s not obvious physical harm but rather the invisible scar of constant emotional pain that causes greatest pain.

Who Am I?

I am a practicing general surgeon in Southern Palawan, Philippines. Why surgery? Well, when I was young I admire doctors in their white coat. I was amazed by the skills of surgeons during life-saving procedure. No, I don’t enjoy seeing nor being spatted with blood in my face.

I graduated from surgical training in Philippine General Hospital last 2007. After graduation, I started my practice in Cavite for about 3 years before deciding to try our luck overseas. I was a urology medical officer for 4 years in Singapore. Subsequently, I spent 2 years as medical affairs manager for a pharmaceutical company before deciding to return back to my home country.

Back in my premed days, I was the editor-in-chief of Purple Gazette from my Alma Mater. I was fortunate enough to have our English Adviser as my mentor. Through the years, the writer in me never has the chance to reach its full potential. I doubted my capability, I’m no good. Others are better. With the advent of the internet, each and every voice can now be heard. It’s just a matter of time and hard work. Learning to blog is no easy task. But it’s worth a try.

During my residency, I never had the chance to enhance my writing. I like to express my thoughts in words. Words are powerful in conveying a specific message. Hence, I am venturing into blogging to hasten my skills and eventually be able to reach more audience. And eventually, find my voice.

What is Life?

What is life? This question came from my 9-year old daughter. At first, I was taken aback. I don’t know what to say neither do I know how to answer it.

At nine, she already thinks like an adult. Is it due to the effects of social media that at this early age she has a gasped of the questions that even adults find difficult to answer.

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I tried answering to the best of my ability. “Life is about living the moment”, I said. Whether it was or wasn’t the right answer. I honestly don’t know. Was she satisfied with my answer?

Why do you ask such question?”, I asked. She replied ,”IDK” which stands for “I Don’t Know”. The usual answer that I get.

It is hard when your own daughter got questions that you can’t answer. I feel that she thinks maturely for her age. So, they really grow so fast, not only physically but intellectually.

From that moment on, I felt that I need to be more than just a provider but instead be a father who would guide and support her as she collectively encounter questions as she grows.

Furthermore, the technology and social media exposure at an early age makes her curious about life, most probably the whole world we live in. It is good to be curious but it should be guided by the right wisdom. As the saying goes, ” Curiosity killed the cat”.

That simple question about life makes me realize that there is more to life than just getting through. There’s more to it than just financial reward or accolades.

What is life? It is for us to answer as we live ours….


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Learning is an Endless Journey

My Journey begins..

I wanted to create my own blog to share my thought and insights, not only about my profession, but life in general.  At this moment, I just want the idea to flow and be able to share my thoughts. 

Who am I? I’m a simple guy with a purpose. To serve and help my countrymen who needs surgical care. I wanted to learn how to blog to share my ideas and thoughts about certain issues and events. I want to find my own voice. A voice that I would like to share to the world.

I feel that I have something to say. My opinion may be insignificant but it makes each and everyone of us unique. All I want for now is to find my own voice. A voice that I can share to everyone.

Hi, I’m chubby_pen. Welcome to my blog. This is my very first blog. I wanted to have my own blog couple of years back but I only find the courage to publish my very first blog. I’m excited in this new endeavor to see what I can create and share.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to for the support and guidance. Learning is an endless journey.